How We Created Better Hair Color

Focused on Healthier Hair and Scalp

Our unique business model allows us to invest more in research and prioritize higher quality ingredients and pigments in our color. We can spend more to create a tube of color than our competitors can—while keeping the cost to you competitive—because we sell directly to you.

We will always choose the highest grade of ingredients possible—beyond what is required—because those ingredients are more stable. That means a longer shelf life and less off-gassing for your and your clients’ health. That means dependable results every time.

In our traditional Brilliant Lightener, the quality of our ingredients shows up in how it performs, lifting well and evenly through previously colored hair. And we’re able to innovate with new products like our Brilliant Paint that allows you to open air paint and lift beyond your expectations because we use a different method for isolation that isn’t clay, which dries and stops lifting. Brilliant Paint dries on its outer layer and stays working on the inside.

Isn’t it time you used Smarter Color?

Industry experience + the best chemists + quality ingredients = innovative products that allow you to bring your artistic vision to life.

Real experiences with Jack Winn Color:

“I am always amazed at the richness, the softness of the hair after the color service, and oh my gosh, the shine is unbelievable!”

—Alisha M.

Botanical Ingredients

We formulate with botanicals to take care of the hair and scalp – growing healthier hair and inspiring client loyalty.

Argan Oil
Heals Hair

Ideal hair conditioner

Treats split ends and tames frizzy hair

Adds a healthy and attractive shine

Vitamin E and fatty acids in argan oil are excellent for repairing damaged skin

Rice Protein
Strengthens Hair

Protects hair from drying elements like wind, dry air and sun

Strengthens hair against other day-to-day stress agents that can cause it to split, break and fall out

Adds body to the hair and gives it more tensile strength to protect against the elements

Aloe Vera
Protects Scalp

Helps to eliminate itchy and dry scalp through anti-puritic properties

Proteolitic enzymes found in aloe vera help to eradicate dead skin cells on the scalp

Alkalizing properties balance pH levels to further hair growth and retain moisture in the scalp

Calendula Extract
Softens Hair

Protects hair from drying elements like wind, dry air and sun

Strengthens hair against other day-to-day stress agents that can cause it to split, break and fall out

Adds body to the hair and gives it more tensile strength to protect against the elements

Attention to Color

Jack re-considered how hair color was created from the ground up. He wasn’t satisfied making decisions for the entire line—how much shine, how much ammonia, whether it tends toward green or blue or warm or cool. He wanted to treat each shade individually to assure it had exactly what it needed to create expected and loved results. Shiny warms, velvety cools. Only the amount of ammonia needed to perform for that particular shade (and none in our Demi-permanent line, Restore). Each shade has a different ingredient stack, because each shade is perfectly unique. Instead of creating the whole line in a room-sized vat, he spent what was necessary to put the thought – and the love – into a line that’s developed in small vats.

A truly artisan line.

Hair Color


Permanent Hair Color

Our permanent hair color is created with the highest quality ingredients and pigments sourced from all over the world. You can count on 100% gray coverage, a shiny finish in the warm tones and a velvety finish in the cool tones. With this dependably true-to-tone color line we also include intensifiers for when you need full control for corrections or creative inventions.

We hear over and over again that the first time hairdressers use Envelop with a client, the client comes back to ask why their hair feels so much better. They really can feel the difference.


“My guests noticed a decreased scalp sensitivity. One new client stated this was the first time in 12 years that she hadn’t scratched her head with a comb the entire time she processed.”

—Kenneth F.


Demi-Permanent Hair Color

Our demi-permanent hair color is truly gentle and restorative—that’s how it got its name. Using our four pillar botanical ingredients, we were able to create a restorative color that heals the hair while creating rich, vibrant tones. Restore will even the porosity of previously colored hair, or leave virgin hair with a beautifully colored finish without compromising its integrity.



Direct Dye Hair Color

Our direct dye hair color is intensely pigmented with better fade resistance than you’ve come to expect. Ignite slides through the hair easily so it goes further and is infused with a clean citrus fragrance. But that's not all. Ignite works with Frost mixed 1:10 to create pastels—giving you the power to create any color you can imagine. Mix Frost with Ignite 1:1 and the intense pigments in Ignite will look just as bright but will have a quicker fade and will be easier to remove for those that like change.

And that’s not all—Frost is a great non-damaging express toner with amazing slip to take warm yellow to cool platinum.



“Brilliant Paint and Frost is a lifestyle. I want to paint and frost everything!”

—Emily T.

“I started using Brilliant Paint and Brilliant Lightener and I fell in love.”

—Monique S.

Brilliant Lightener

Our traditional lightener is a favorite—it’s the first thing hairdressers rave about when they try our products. The way it lifts through previously colored hair while preserving integrity makes this the most dependable lightener you’ve ever used. The speed and evenness in the lift is almost magical, and it’s safe on and off scalp.

#JWCBrilliantLightener #BrilliantLightener

Brilliant Paint Lightener

Our balayage lightener is revolutionary for those that love to freehand paint but have been limited by clay lighteners that don&rsquot;t lift much.

We asked hairdressers “What do you want in your balayage lightener?”

Smooth Application.
No Transfer.
Even Lift.
But mostly you wanted...
More Lift.

Your clay lightener stops lifting when it dries out—but that’s also how it isolates. Brilliant Paint creates a shell—rather than drying completely—so it keeps lifting on the inside and keeps working as long as you need. Thanks to this outer drying technology, you can free paint, confident that your lightener will stay where you put it. And its texture and application glide on so you can create the most seamless blends.

#JWCBrilliantPaint #BrilliantPaint


Our activators are based in a creamy formulation that allows optimum bonding to the hair for faithful, stable transfer of nuanced color.

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