Opportunity is Beautiful

Our mission is to support hairdressers.

We sell directly to you. Our business model allows us to spend more where it matters.

  • We can invest more to create the highest quality hair color
  • Empowering hairdressers with a hands-free income
  • Redefining the way profits are distributed in the hair care industry

No longer do you have to pay your hard earned-cash to all the distribution between you and your hair color creator (beauty supply rents and salaries), which doesn’t add any value.

Now you can buy better color at a better price and create a better business and a better life.

You Get...

  • Up to a 25% discount on your join kit
  • 10% cash back for every product you purchase
  • 10% commission from the purchases of your direct team
  • 3-5% commission from their teams
  • Infinity bonuses

Download our Compensation Plan to read more about the business opportunity we provide

Plus there are many other lifestyle rewards including fantastic trips and even a silver BMW. Develop your business and take it to new heights sharing products you love. Build your team as big as you’re committed to building and generate income on the quality products your team buys. It’s that easy.

The community of stylists in the Jack Winn Color Associates’ Facebook group is nothing short of amazing. It is the epitome of stylists supporting stylists.
–Monique S.


Are you interested in learning more about how this color line will help you in your business? Attending a technique or product knowledge class is a great way to get started.

Jack Winn Classes

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