What is best for me?

If you’d like to try or start using Jack Winn Color, here’s how to decide what works for you:

Join as an Associate

There are many reasons to join as an associate:

  1. Get 10% cash back on your orders (20% in your first 30 days!)
  2. Get paid commission from your team’s orders
  3. Invited member of the friendly, supportive and exclusive Facebook group
  4. Special offers via FB Live and email–reserved for associates only
  5. Purchase new products before they are available to customers

When an associate joins your team, both of you get paid commissions as shown in our Compensation Plan. To stay enrolled as an associate, make a minimum monthly purchase of $150 at least once in a 3 month period. To qualify for cash back and commissions, make your minimum monthly purchase of $150 in the previous month.

Shop as a Customer

There are a couple reasons to buy as a customer:

  1. Try product before ordering a join kit. Some will want to try before ordering the largest join kit possible (with the biggest discount & swap).
  2. You will not meet the minimum monthly purchase of $150 (to qualify for cash back, commissions, and to stay enrolled).

Customers buy product at our reasonable prices and do not receive commission or cash back.