Jack Winn Color Educator Summit Spring 2018

Join Us for Our
Certified Educator Summit!

Have you dreamed of being an educator or are looking to improve how you educate? Learn everything you need to know about Jack Winn Color and become a Certified Educator.

What? Learn from Jack Winn and our team of leaders everything you need to know about this color line. There will be plenty of take-home materials to build confidence for your growing team. We’ll share foundational terminology and methods, color correction, grey coverage formulation, creating the colors your clients are asking for, how to teach classic techniques, public speaking skills and in-depth product knowledge as well as breakout sessions about growing your business and reaching your goals.

When? Two full days & a cocktail reception — January 27-28 2019
(Plus a pre-summit cocktail reception on January 26 2019 at 6pm)

Where? Le Meridien New Orleans
333 Poydras St, New Orleans, LA 70130 [map]

How? Free or discounted for team leaders! [You can earn your whole trip!]

Who? All associates who stay qualified between now and the event are eligible to attend and get certified. What does it mean to be qualified? Call Whitney and she’ll be happy to explain.

Jack Winn Color Educator Summit 2019
Jack Winn Color Educator Summit 2019
Jack Winn Color Educator Summit 2019
Jack Winn Color Educator Summit 2019

Alumni Educators

These are some of the people who have spoke at our Summit in 2018. We will be announcing the speakers for our 2019 summit in the month preceding the event.

Jack Winn Color Educator Summit 2017

Jack Winn

Jack devoted his entire career to the hair care industry. As a salon assistant at 18, he developed a passion for the profession and then entered the TIGI educational program. By the age of 21, he was named a creative director at TIGI, and by the age of 25 he was educating other colorists on a national level.

Jack pursued extensive education with Vidal Sassoon in London, Hong Kong, Paris and Salerno, Italy. His work has been featured in numerous magazines. He spent 8 years with Toni & Guy and then opened the Jack Winn Salon in Newport Beach in 2008 and created a hair care product and distribution business.

He worked for 2 years formulating Jack Winn Color before it was launched in July 2015.

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Kara Richard Jack Winn Color Educator Summit 2017

Kara Richard

Kara Richard is a Balayage specialist, independent educator and salon owner in Santa Barbara, CA.

Kara’s background in visual art and education inspired her signature workshop, “The Art of Sunkissed Hair.” Kara has been teaching her “Santa Barbara Balayage” technique since 2015, and has been honored to travel to salons and beauty schools across the country, including the International Color Directors of the Vidal Sassoon Academy.

Her classes are unique in the way she teaches each colorist to use the knowledge of the laws of natural sunkissed hair color, along with one’s own “creative intuition” in order to build the confidence to paint the most beautiful, seamless looks on every client.

With such a concentration on perfecting the Balayage brush stroke, it was just a natural progression to create a line of Balayage brushes. Kara launched BALAYPRO Natural Bristle Brushes in 2016, and combines her love of Jack Winn Hair Color into her education program.

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Cynthia Valdez Jack Winn Color Educator Summit 2017

Cynthia Valdez

Cynthia’s specialty behind the chair is in creating dimensional balayage work for her clients, and the creative artistry that goes along with creating natural looking yet breath taking blended tones.

Cynthia started her career in the mid 90’s at an upscale North Dallas salon following in the footsteps of her family. Education has been a fundamental pillar in her business from the beginning. As a strong lead educator, she travelled the country and hosted classes in her salon for leading industry professionals such as the Business of Balayage, Sam Villa, Elizabeth Faye and many more. She is now embarking on her own independent education journey and brings with her a very unique experience of inspiration, passion and a love for sharing her sought after signature looks.

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Rex Paxton Jack Winn Color Educator Summit 2017

Rex Paxton

Rex Paxton built his business behind the chair by focusing on the important details, staying creative and making the right decisions at the right time.

In southern California he developed a celebrity and public figure clientele before opting for a more hometown and simple life in Arkansas where he created a pampering, glamorous environment for his clients. In 4 years he rebuilt his business from zero to booked 90 days out, working 5 days a week with a full time assistant seeing approximately 200 clients per month. He’s on track to make $225k in 2018.

Rex now teaches others to create their own success, wherever they are. Learn how to attract the right clients, how to retain them, how to plan your business for success and how to figure out the nitty gritty business stuff that we (as creative professionals) need to pay attention to.

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Brittany French Jack Winn Color Educator Summit 2017

Brittany French

Out of pure love, Brittany started working in a salon before she could drive — at the age of 15 — in Southern California. She understands what it’s like to love and build this business as she worked every station from receptionist, towel girl, shampoo tech, assistant, stylist to eventually owning her own Paul Mitchell Focus hair studio in Texas.

She also understands what it’s like when you have to leave it behind. When Brittany and her husband relocated back to Southern California, it meant leaving her salon and clientele and starting over. This time, she built a new business in a different industry that equipped her with new skills she wasn’t taught in a salon. She built a profitable social selling business, mentored a team and lead them to success.

But she was still missing the first business she loved — until she found Jack Winn Color. She finally found a way to build a business that combines her new skills and lifelong passion. Brittany will be teaching you how to harness these new and powerful skills that will empower and change your life. Grow yourself, create a dependable additional source of income and connect to what you love while helping other stylists create a life by design.

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Natalia Bolanos Jack Winn Color Educator Summit 2017

Natalia Bolanos

Cooperative Salon’s founder and head #Girlboss in charge is a hair vet for over 17 years. It all started when she trained under Marilyn Monroe's hairdresser! True story. In addition to her early years of training, she also studied at Bumble & Bumble, Aveda Academy and TiGi Academy.

Natalia rocks! No, really. As a musician, she toured the world playing bass in bands and was even featured as a band member in a Rihanna video. Bands like AFI and Good Charlotte also had her pull double duty as a stylist on the road. All of these experiences taught her how to think quick on her feet, work swiftly and improvise when necessary to get the best looks. While music was her love and she adored working in salons, Natalia always knew that her big dream was to one day have her own salon. She decided to get serious about turning her “can’ts into cans and dreams into plans.”

Cooperative Salon was born. She created a learning space showcasing classes for hairdressers yearning to up their game in technique or in business. She believes firmly in maintaining a great work life/balance. Who says you can’t have it all?

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Allycin Cappello Jack Winn Color Educator Summit 2017

Allycin Cappello

After her dad said she had to get a job and pay rent or go to school, Ali found herself in cosmetology school. That’s how she found an unexpected career that she loved.

She assisted in a high-end salon and set out to further her education with TiGi Academy for cutting and Redken Exchange NY for color. After working as a commission stylist and then rental stylist for 10 years, she felt like she was losing her way creatively. With two friends who also wanted to keep ahead of an evolving industry, their salon was born. As their salon opened and Ali was building her business through social media, she was introduced to Jack Winn Color where she found her creativity again. Between a color line that supports stylists and her passion for social media she was empowered to create her future.

“Education wasn’t something I wanted to do. Jack Winn Color changed my passions.” Ali invested in herself and her craft, took classes with educators she admired and made extensive notes. She tested what worked in social media and what didn’t - and is constantly evolving with her platform when algorithms change and new features are released. “I determined how I want to teach what stylists yearn for and need to know and I decided to become a Jack Winn Color Certified Educator.”

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Laura Brasier Jack Winn Color Educator Summit 2017

Laura Brasier

During her 16 years in the hair industry, Laura experienced highs and lows. She gave up 95% of her clientele to care for her mother after her cancer diagnosis - a mere two months after suddenly losing her father to cancer. When Laura lost her mom, she felt defeated. For several years she barely worked part time.

In January 2015, everything changed. She broke free from depression and went back into the salon. A month later, she was introduced to Jack Winn Color. In two years time she rebuilt a full-time color-exclusive clientele, helped build the Jack Winn Color community through education and mentoring, and opened her salon with her long-time friend and business partner.

As a wife, mother of three, salon owner, Jack Winn Color Educator, hair color specialist and formulation junkie, Laura found time to build a business that reignited her passion to create and share. “I have a love affair with the art of hair color; everything from the perfect placement to precise formulation. I am obsessed!”

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Susan Clemens Jack Winn Color Educator Summit 2017

Susan Clemens

Susan wears a lot of hats with Jack Winn Color and in life.

She started by pursuing a business degree and got distracted when she took a “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” class. “I have to figure out a way to do both!” She found her jam combining the two — the right and left brain approach to her career — by keeping it digital ahead of her industry transitioning from traditional methods. She began in a small print shop as a typesetter and worked her way to Creative Director in advertising, focusing on digital communications.

She worked with large brands like Lincoln, Land Rover, Hilton, Brita, Toshiba, Jenny Craig and Jessica Simpson. She lead teams and won awards building large-scale and high-impact projects and now champions the Jack Winn Color brand. Now she inspires hair stylists to build their brand and create their best lives.

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Jack Winn Color Educator Summit 2017
Jack Winn Color Educator Summit 2017
Jack Winn Color Educator Summit 2017

How Can I Attend?

Registration is open to Jack Winn Color Associates.

It’s easy to become an associate:
Use the personal web address of the beauty professional who introduced you to Jack Winn Color or search for them here.

Pick the join kit that is best for you and enter your information - and just like that you’re an associate.

You can reserve your seat at the Educator Summit with a deposit by adding the class to your cart in your back office once you have signed up and login. There’s even a way for associates to earn their whole trip!

Have any questions?

Please call us at 714-760-4969 M-F 9am-6pm PT and we are happy to help.


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